Football International Tournaments
Football International Tournaments



In all categories, a maximum of 3 players from a higher category may be registered, being a maximum of one year older.

All the teams participating in the Tournament will accept the regulations that this organization has for them and of which each team has a copy. All claims will be derived from what is stated in these regulations and not based on other federations or associations. (PLEASE REVIEW THESE REGULATIONS AND ASK FOR ANY CLARIFICATION ON THEM). No player with aluminum studs will be allowed to participate in any of the artificial grass and natural grass sports facilities.

ACCREDITATIONS All participating players must be in possession of their respective D.N.I., PASSPORT or FEDE-RATIVE CARD, original in which the authenticity of the player can be verified, the aforementioned document must be presented to the Referee before the start of each match. (NO PHOTOCOPY OF THESE DOCUMENTS WILL BE ADMITTED). Before the start of the Tournament, the participating club must deliver to the organization in duplicate a list of all the participating players in their different categories. Any player who is not registered in this relationship will not be able to participate in the Tournament. AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH MATCH IT WILL BE ESSENTIAL TO PRESENT THE LIST OF REGISTERED PLAYERS, AS WELL AS THEIR RESPECTIVE ID, PASSPORT OR ORIGINAL FEDERATION CARD. REGISTRATION No more than 25 players per participating category may be registered in the Tournament. A player can only play in one team during the tournament. In all categories, a maximum of two players from a higher category may be registered, being a maximum of one year older.

CLASSIFICATIONS Classification for the next phase will be by points. (Match won 3 points, tied 1 point, lost 0 points). In the event of a tie on points, the winner of the match between the two will qualify. In the event of a tie, classification will be made by the difference of goals for and goals against. If the tie persists, the team that has scored the highest number of goals will qualify. If the tie persists, the team that has accumulated fewer cards during the tournament will qualify. (Direct Red 4 points, Yellow 1 point, Two Yellow 2 points). If the tie persists, a Draw will be made. The team that has participated in a repechage will not be able to participate in the next repechage. The repechage team will be the one that in the first phase (the first 3 days of the tournament) has obtained a better score, in case of a tie, difference of goals for and goals against, if the tie persists, that team would be classified. that had scored the greatest number of goals, if the tie persisted, the team that had accumulated the fewest cards during the Tournament and Qualifying Phase would qualify. (Direct Red 4 points, Yellow 1 point, Two Yellow 2 points). If the tie persists, a Draw will be made.

COMMITTEE  competition committee will be formed consisting of a president and two members. All clubs participating in the Travel Sports Tournament (must abide without any exception the resolutions decided by this committee). the match is mandatory), making the claim in the minutes of the match, which will be delivered to the competition committee that will decide accordingly that same day. The players’ shirts must be all numbered, in case of participating without a number, this committee will decide accordingly. If a team, due to the broken number of a shirt or lack of it, had to play without a number on a single shirt, the referee will decide if it proceeds. Due to the need of the TRAVEL SPORTS Tournament, the possibility of making a group of 3 teams is reserved

CHANGES In the minutes of each match, only 18 players may be listed. The changes will be free, that is, each team may ask the referee and make changes three times, in addition to the half part, being able to use to their benefit to Substitute your own players at the time the opposing team requests permission to do so at each opportunity. Obviously, between one and five potential players listed in the minutes may be substituted. On the other hand, there is the possibility that either of the two goalkeepers suffers a serious injury during the match; in this case, even if the three opportunities to make substitutions have been used up, another can be made for the injured goalkeeper by a substitute player. Similarly, if the goalkeeper is expelled from the match, all and having asked three times to make changes, a field player may be substituted for another who is on the bench, but always keeping the team of the former goalkeeper. -pressed with one player less. In the 7-a-side football categories, each team may make all the changes it deems appropriate, with outgoing players being able to enter more times (NO LIMIT OF CHANGES) In the Amater category, only five player changes may be made, including the goalkeeper, per match (within these five changes they can be: five field players or four players and the goalkeeper). SANCTIONS The player who was expelled from the field of play for irregular conduct, that is, by (direct red card), this player will be sanctioned, by the committee, with one match, two matches, or the entire tournament, as stated in the minutes of the match. If, on the other hand, the expulsion takes place due to the accumulation of yellow cards, this player will be sanctioned with one match. If this expelled player continued with his irregular behavior, he could be sanctioned with two games or the entire tournament as stated in the minutes of the match. The yellow cards that are shown in each match will not be accumulated. SUSPENSIONSIf a team withdraws or does not show up on the field of play, the opposing team will win the three points and the result of the match will be three to zero. If the committee understands that the withdrawal is to favor an opposing team, the committee will act accordingly. In the event that during the tournament, a team withdraws from the match or the tournament, the result of all their matches, played or not disputed, will become 3 to 0. The club that has not appeared on the field of play after 20 minutes of the time scheduled for the start of the match will be considered not presented, consequently the committee will decide except in case of force majeure. Any team not present due to a broken bus, problems on the road, as long as the club can justify the reason for its delay in front of the committee, this committee will set up game schedules so that the previously suspended game can take place. ALL CLUBS PLEASE WAIT AS LONG AS POSSIBLE FOR MATCHES TO BE PLAYED. (THE CHILDREN WILL THANK YOU). In the event that a match should be suspended due to force majeure or for other reasons unrelated to the Organisation, it will be considered finished with the result at the time of suspension. This committee may make the decision to suspend with the result that existed at the time of the suspension, or to resume the match with the existing result, playing the remaining time. If the suspension of the match was due to aggression by one of the players, or followers of the club, to the SR. REFEREE, this committee will consider the aggressor team as the loser of the match, giving the three points to the opposing team. The resolution of the suspended match will be taken with what is stated in the minutes or annexes to the same.

CLAIMS All the claims of the teams arising in the course of the matches will be communicated in writing to the field delegate, who will record them in the minutes or attached to them; so that once in power of the competition committee it decides its resolution; which would be communicated to them through the guide that their team has assigned. Claims will only be collected on the field and up to one hour after the match has been played (THE GUIDES AND THIS COMMITTEE WILL NOT ATTEND CLAIMS OUT OF THE FIELD OR IN THE SAME HOTEL). This committee has been observing claims for refereeing errors, which they cannot modify the result of the matches, the complaints about referees will be taken into account so that this same referee does not direct any more matches of this tournament. THOSE WHO PARTICIPATE, WANTS TO MAKE THEM SEE THAT GOOD BEHAVIOR IS FUNDAMENTAL TO SPEND A FEW PLEASANT DAYS (WE WOULD NOT WANT TO HAVE TO DISQUALIFY ANY CLUB FOR REPEATED BAD BEHAVIOR). WE WAIT FOR YOUR COLLABORATION!

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