Matalascañas Cup

Matalascañas Cup

Matalascañas Cup

It develops in the populations of Matalascañas, Mazagón and Almonte, province of Huelva, Andalusia.

The best way to dismiss the season, a complete sports holiday enjoying a National Baseball Championship and taking advantage of the tourist and leisure activities offered by the Costa de la Luz.


In the Matalascañas Trophy we offer you a large number of exquisite hotels distributed throughout the Costa de la Luz. Our 4 star hotels have wonderful rooms where players can receive a well deserved rest after a fun, competitive and complete day.

The Matalascañas Tournament is aimed at all Football Clubs, Associations, Sports Associations and Football Schools that want to enjoy a complete vacation while enjoying a whole football championship.

Torneo Matalascañas.


Matalascañas of white sand beach and crystal clear waters where you and your team will enjoy a magnificent base football championship in the pleasant environment of the Andalusian coast with the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean as a spectator.

Matalascañas is surrounded by the Doñana National Park, nature, fauna and flora, the area of ​​changing dunes according to the winds, offers us an ideal enclave for the development of the football tournament, Matalascañas Tournament.

The surroundings of the area where the Matalascañas Tournament takes place, the closeness to the Doñana National and Natural Park and the magnificent 4-star hotels and sports infrastructures guarantee an exciting and unforgettable football event.

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