Football International Tournaments
Football International Tournaments


Live the emotion of an entire national soccer championship and share the experience with your teammates.
Balls and water

All the participating teams will have balls and mineral water at all the football fields, where the matches are played.


To all those relatives or friends of the participants in the tournament who wish, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable week.


The results of the matches will be exposed in different measures that the organization of the Tournament has planned for it.


For teams that do not have a means of transport to travel to the playing fields, they can hire a shuttle bus for the price of … Euros per person throughout the tournament.

Technical assistance

Regarding accommodation and stays, the organization has the technical collaboration of the travel agency WORLD 2 MEET, which is available for you. and their companions from a qualified team of tourism professionals who will provide them with accommodation and comfort during their stay.

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