Football International Tournaments
Football International Tournaments




All teams taking part in  Tournaments must accept the rules set out by the organizers and each team must have a copy of them.

Any complaint will refer to these regulations, and they will not be based on any other federation or association. (PLEASE READ THESE RULES CAREFULLY AND ANY QUESTIONS IF NECESSARY).Players are not allowed to use aluminium studs at any sports facilities with Astroturf or natural grass.DOCUMENTS. All players taking part in the event must take their Identity Card, Original Passport or Federation Licence with them. This document will have to be shown to the referee before the start of every match. (PHOTOCOPIES OF THESE DOCUMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.)Before the beginning of the tournament, clubs taking part in it must provide the organizers with a duplicate of a list of all the players taking part in each category.If a player does not appear on the list, this player will not be allowed to take part in the tournament. THE OFFICIAL LIST OF PLAYERS MUST BE SHOWN BEFORE THE START OF EACH MATCH TOGETHER WITH THEIR IDENTITY CARDS, PASSPORTS OR FEDERATION LICENCES.REGISTRATIONS There is a maximum of 25 players per team in each category that can be registered in the tournament.For the length of the Tournament a player may play only on one team.Dispensations are only allowed in all categories and for a maximum of three players and only one year older. CLASSIFICATIONS Classification for the following stage will be by points. (Match won 3 points, match drawn 1 point andmatch lost 0 points). If there is a tie on points, the qualified team will be the winner of the match between them. In case of a tie the classification will be made by goal difference. If a tie persists, the qualified team will be the one that scored more goals.If a draw still persists, the qualified team will be the one that has received the least number of cards during the tournament. (Direct Red – 4 points, yellow card –1 point, two yellow cards– 2 points). Finally if a draw still persists, the qualified team will be decided by drawing lots.If a team has taken part in a play off, it can not take part in more play offs. The winner team in the play off is the one that has accumulated the highest number of points in the previous stage (i.e. the first 3 days of the Tournament). In case of a draw, the goal difference will be the reference. If a draw persists, the qualified team will be the one that has scored more goals. If a draw still persists, the qualified team will be the one that has received the least number of cards during the “Classification Stage” (Direct Red 4 points, yellow card 1 point, two yellow cards 2 points). If a draw still persists, the qualified team will be decided by drawing lots. COMMITTEÉ There will be a committee made up of a chairman and two members of the committee. Clubs taking part inTravel Sports’ tournament must accept all the resolutions adopted by the committee without exception.If a club does not show its Identity card, Passport, or Federation Licence before the start of a match, the opposing team must play the game and register its complaint in the match record. This document will be given to the competition committee. The committee will make a decision the same day. All players’ shirts must be numbered. If any player takes part in the event without a number, the committee will decide if this is acceptable or not. If the lack of number is due to the rip of a shirt or something similar in just one shirt, the referee will decide whether it is acceptable or not.The possibility of making groups of 3 or 5 teams if necessary. CHANGES In each record game only 18 players can be related.Player changes will be random, which means that each team will be able to ask the referee to change a player three times (half time included). Each team can change players at the same time that the other team decides to do it. Each team can only change between 3 and 5 players registered in the record. However, despite the fact that all these player changes were already made and the goalkeeper was seriously injured, then it will be possible to change this player for another one.Nevertheless, if the goalkeeper of a team is sent off, a change will be possible, but that team must continue with one player less. In the football 7 categories, each team will be able to make as many changes as they want. (There is no limit of player changes).In the Amateur category you will only be able make five changes per game (goalkeeper included).These five changes can be five field players or four players and the goalkeeper. SANCTIONS If a player is sent off the pitch, is to say, due to a direct red card, this player will be sanctioned by the committee with a game suspension, two game suspension or even the tournament suspension according to the gravity of the offence. If a player is sent off the pitch as a result of two yellow cards, this player will have a game suspension. If a player who has just been sent off the pitch did not change his irregular behaviour, this player could have two game suspension or even the tournament suspension according to the gravity of the offence. Yellow cards are noncumulative in different matches. SUSPENSIONS If a team withdraws or it does not appear on the pitch, the opposing team takes the three points, so the match result will be 3 0. If the organizing committee deems that the withdrawal is in favour of anotherteam, the committee will impose the appropriate sanctions.If in the course of the competition a team pull out of the match or of the tournament, the result of all the matches, although they have been played or not played, will be from 3 to 0 in all the games.If a team does not appear on the pitch 20 minutes after the scheduled time of the match, it will be considered absent. Then, the committee will make a decision, unless there are exceptional circumstances.If a team does not appear on the pitch owing to the fact that the coach breaks down or due to traffic jam,the match can be rescheduled provided that the club justifies it to the committee.WE ASK ALL CLUBS TO WAIT AS MUCH TIME AS THEY CAN IN ORDER TO PLAY AS MACTHES ASPOSSIBLE (CHILDREN WILL THANK YOU FOR IT).If a game has to be cancelled due to force majeure or due to reasons beyond the organization control, the result of the match will be the score of the game at the time of suspension. The committee has the right to take the score as a result or, if it wishes, to start again the game using the score at the time of suspension.If the suspension of the game was due to a physical assault by one of the players or by a club supporter, the committee will state the aggressor as the loser, and the three points of the match will be to the other team. The result of the suspended game will be recorded in the official minutes. CLAIMS Any complaint made by teams that have arisen during a match should be made in writing to the field delegate who will record the matter in the official record, so that the competition committee can take a decision. The decision will be communicated via the appointed team delegate. The committee will only accept claims or complaints at the pitch while the match is played and within one hour after the end of a match.(NEITHER THE DELEGATES NOR THE WILL ACCEPT COMPLAINTS MADE OUT OF THE PITCH ORAT THE HOTEL).The committee will be advised of complaints due to refereeing errors, which cannot change the result of any game. IN ORDER TO PROTECT THE STATUS AND THE INTERESTS OF THE TOURNAMENT & THE PARTICIPATING CLUBS, THE ORGANIZERS WANT EVERYONE TO UNDERSTAND THAT GOOD BEHAVIOUR IS ESSENTIAL. THE ORGANIZERS WOULD NOT LIKE TO BE OBLIGED TO DISQUALIFY A CLUB BECAUSE OF REPEATED BAD BEHAVIOUR.

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