Matalascañas Cup / The Place


The Place

Matalascañas a village of Huelva Andalusia – Spain, located next to the Doñana National Park, which in recent years has become an important tourist center, where many tourists and families come every year.

Let yourself be seduced by the littoral of the Costa de La Luz plagued by pristine beaches, great cliffs, marshes full of life and a still little known underwater world waiting to be discovered.

Matalascañas it is endowed with very good services and infrastructure, with magnificent beach of fine and golden sands and hotels and leisure facilities.

The radiant sun and the soft sand of the beaches of Matalascañas want to reach you so you can explore its virgin beaches, relax by the sea or experience the excitement of the ‘MATALASCAÑAS CUP’ Youth Football Tournament.

An authentic paradise to spend a few days enjoying the championship at a pleasant temperature, the magnificent beaches of Andalusia are a gift for any traveler.


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