Football International Tournaments
Football International Tournaments




We make available to players and companions magnificent 3-star hotels in Full Board Regime, (Accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Players and companions will have all the meals at the Hotel. The meals consist of a Free Buffet with different varied menus.

  • Hotel,Bahía de Roses
  • Hotel, Piscina Bahía de Roses
  • Hotel, Habitación Bahía de Roses
  • Hotel, Hall Bahía de Roses
  • Hotel, Jardines Bahía de Roses
  • Hotel, Bar Bahía de Roses
  • Hotel, Piscinas Bahía de Roses
  • Hotel, Habitación Bahía de Roses
  • Cala Bahía de Rosas
  • Hotel, Restaurant Bahía de Roses
  • Bahía de Roses
  • Hotel, Terraza Bahía de Roses
  • Hotel, Comedor Buffet Bahía de Roses


All the hotels have a swimming pool and a wide and varied menu. They have a bar with background music and an extensive entertainment program.
The rooms have a complete bathroom.
On the day of departure, the teams will have until 11:00 a.m. to vacate their rooms.

We do not forget that it is a sports vacation.
  • Hotel accommodation.
    Full board: breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Water included in meals).
    Free admission to all fields.
    I remember for all the players.
    Cup and medals for the first three teams.
    Trophy for all participating teams.
  • Magazine with all the tournament information (regulations, match schedules, field maps, etc.).
    Competition Committee.
    Referees of the Football Federation.
    Delegates in all fields.
    Assistance of a member of the organization during the tournament.
    Balls and mineral water in all matches.
TOURIST TAX: Tourists staying one night in Catalonia must pay €0.66 in a 3-star hotel, €1.32 in a 4-star hotel, for each night and person, with a maximum of 7 days. Children under 17 years will not have to pay this fee.
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